Education at an undergraduate level in the UK, US and Canada varies on many grounds such as the duration, flexibility of courses and financial commitment involved. Every student must choose the right country by taking into consideration the following:


  • Duration of the Course

The first difference in the education system among these 3 countries is the duration of the courses. Most undergraduate degrees in the UK are three-year courses in comparison to four-year courses in the US and Canada. 


  • Flexibility of the Courses

Another very important difference between these education systems is the flexibility of courses. Universities in the UK, unlike the US and Canada, do not allow students to change their courses in the middle of the year if they do not like them or are unsatisfied with them. Students may only be allowed to make minor changes to their degree. However, in the US and Canada, students can change their courses in their first couple of years based on their interests and requirements.


  • Financial Commitment Involved

Education in the UK tends to be less expensive in comparison to the US and Canada due to the shorter duration of the courses in the UK. However, universities in the US and Canada, offer much more scholarship and financial aid in comparison to universities in the UK.


  • Ease of the Application Process

The undergraduate admission process in the UK is comparatively the easiest as students are only required to submit their school grades, IELTS scores, LORs and their personal statement on the UCAS portal. There are no other essays or documents required. However, the US admission process is more complicated and requires the students to submit their grades, CV, standardized test scores,  LORs, multiple essays and much more. You can learn about the process on the UniRely website.


Please get in touch with our counselors at UniRely for more information about the application process to universities abroad for an undergraduate degree.

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